Types Is Takaful Insurance

Takaful is basically Islamic Insurance which goes with the Shariah law in Islam. The body of Islamic Law. This particular name also known as the Arabic word “ Kafalah” which means mutual guarantee. However this Insurance is purely based on the principle of mutality, where the policy holder will own the company and share the profits in it. There are three types of Insurance, Mudharaba, wakala and a hybrid of both the takaful.

Policyholder funds

This particular policyholder pays premiums into a policyholders funds. However the administrative expenses and the reinsurance and paid from this particular fund. Any residue at the end of the financial year will be the underwriting profit. This will be allocated in a part of the policyholders reserved fund.

Religious Prohibitions.

Islamic Law completely forbids “Interest”, usury and the exploitation of the needy. Even in good Islamic Home financing interest is prohibited. It also prohibits Risk, uncertainty, deceit and hazard. However acquisition of wealth by chance and gambling is also prohibited. However such conventional insurance works on a risk transfer where the insurance company has to accept the risk from a policy holder in exchange of a premium. Basically such companies invests these premiums on huge markets to make more profits, which is basically called as Gambling and it’s completely prohibited in Islam.

Shareholder Funds

In Islamic Insurance this particular fund consists of paid-up shareholders capital and basically reserves together with the income they get. However all these incomes and investment should be according to the shariah Law, it means that these should be on a profit and loss sharing basis than the engaged in huge markets. However such shareholder are responsible for their loses of the policyholder fund. However this liability is limited to the amount of equity in the company.


This particular insurance is one of the oldest concept in Islamic finance and it is purely based in profit sharing. This kind of takaful is practiced all around in the Asia-pacific region. However the companies management is paid from the companies profit and shares in the residue and the losses the company faces.


This version of insurance is basically an arrangement where an agent will be managing the company and he will be getting a fee for his services. This particular fee is already agreed at the beginning of a financial year and can be a fixed amount or an agreed share of the profit the shareholder or the policyholder funds.


Above mention both the takafuls can be put together to produce a hybrid takaful. The managing agent of the company will receive a fixed fee from the policyholder’s fund. But from the companies profit only. The policyholder has the rights to share both the underwriting profits and the invested profits.

Essential Tips To Avoid Debt Collection Lawsuits

Last your upwards of a million debt collection lawsuits were filled. If you are facing hard times, you may have already been sued or may fear it. There are many ways to avoid such things legally. Debt collection notifications are something those will make you stress within a short period of time. Therefore, every person should try to escape from the debt as soon as they can.

Focus on your expenses

The money you earn as salary or profit from your business, most of them get used as family maintenance.  First and most obviously, you do this so you can make sure you are not spending money that isn’t for something you want or need. Recently, some people were at an internet marketing workshop where they revealed the astounding results for a survey an internet company had conducted. Debt collections Australia will make you sure about the best way to act against the court notices. While you have control over your monthly expenses, you can easily save lots of money to pay back the debts. Therefore, it will be best to thoroughly research on the ways how to explore for saving money to repay debts.

Rate of interest

It makes a lot of sense if you can pay anything extra, to pay off the balances with the highest rates of interest. You do this because it will reduce the total amount of interest you pay and more rapidly reduce your total debt. It does not make sense to pay over the balance on a credit card that has a lower rate of interest than another card. It might be gratifying to chip away at them all at the same time, but you get much more bang for your buck by focusing on the rates first.

Time limit of debt

Every other thing being equivalent, it bodes well to satisfy the most up to date obligations first. To put it adversely, you do this since usually harder for an obligation authority or loan boss to sue on a more established obligation, and if the obligation has waited sufficiently long, the bank may choose to drop it for different reasons. Along these lines, if all else fails, you pay the obligation that is fresh in the psyche of the bank. Keep in mind too that installments broaden the legal time limits, which by and large keep running from the time you default on an installment, however, begin once again in the event that you make another installment. If the collection agency goes for process serving within the time, you have every right to decline that within your legal aspects. If you’ll consider all these things, it will be best to avoid debt actions.