The registered smsf auditors have given the world the permission or the blessing of having the full involvement in the operation of their fund and also helped them in the areas where the super fund can be managed in the best possible manner and where the investments can be managed as efficiently as possible as well. The trustees are the ones that decide the strategy that is going to be followed and then they choose the investments of the individuals to have that specific type of investment strategy implemented in real life as well so that they must know if they are successful in making the best and the most creative strategy for the individual’s investment or not as well.  

There are a number of types of investments that are in this world currently as well. These are divided among cash, fixed interest, equities, property and the other assets as well. Starting with cash, it is a very low risk and also a low return as well on the asset. An example would be the cash there is in the bank account or the term deposits that people make as well then. The fixed rate interest is on the bonds that may be government or corporate bonds maybe as well. They have the same interest rate and can be considered as a dependable form of income as well by people as well.  

Coming to equities, they are the shares or the stocks as people all over the entire world refer them to be. They can be direct or indirect, Australian or global, large cap or small cap, depending on the choices and the preferences of the people themselves and the amount of money that they want to invest as well. The direct investment is when the purchasing is done with the help of a broker or a manager that is professional and has a complete knowledge of what he is doing as we. This kind of investment gives a direct ownership of the business to the buyer as well as a result then. 

Now coming to property where people can have direct or indirect form of investment as well. The indirect investment is when the people invest in the listed real estate investment trusts and also the unlisted vehicles as well. The main advantage of this is that people can invest a huge amount by having invested very less in a lot of properties all across the country or the city, that has great chances of profits and therefore very less scary in terms of the investment as well. The other assets are the commodities and the currencies also the collectables and the artworks can be considered as assets that people invest in as well.